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Reproaches for a Request Earnest

Reproaches for a Request Earnest

I've posted an article appealing to the bloggers, not to use blogs for erotic and pervert purposes in ''. Immense fury I've to face for such a humble request, which manifested in the form of abusive replies with clamorous curses and roaring reproaches.

Well, blogs are for venting our griefs and gains, pleasures and pains and of course, for anything and everything that comes in our way. It is the freedom we do excercise in posting our thoughts and casting our dreams. A portal to unleash our innerself. Yes.

One doesn't stand in the middle of a high-traffic highway for the reason that he is 'free' to do anything he likes! Our behaviour will be deemed by the society we live in as 'liberal', if we are set to interfere others freedom. Thus one's freedom should never cross the bounds, to hurt our co-existing homo sapiens. Individual freedom of one cannot be at the cost of others freedom. We are 'free'; not 'liberal'. If we post some obnoxious pictures and erotic scripts, then people passing by, cannot ignore it. A natural instinct draws them to it, almost every time - the sequel being spoiling their senses to succumb to profane things mundane. This will subsequently urge people to browse blogs for ...if you pardon me to say, bdsm and banned videos!

When dedicated porn sites are already there, why should the blogs, which merely reflect our opinions and views, be made as a platform for such obscene stuff?

We've limitless oppurtunities to grow by leaps and bounds, in limited span of life whose limits are not known! It is better to limit ourselves!

Please understand those who've to...we need not resort to lofty yielding acts; at least refrain from lowly drowning ones.

If it is possible for some one to use it for generating funds for Tsunami, let them go on with it. For the rest of us? Well, let us stay cool by simply scripting our notions and passions, which may or may not inspire any visitor/reader, but will never lead astray to jeopardising jungles of cul de sac.

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R. Srinivasa Moorthy

To unleash the inundating mindstreams for the common cause of general public...please visit me at ''.

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