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We have collected writing resources such as articles and information products from the Internet and members' contributions.  The resources are arranged in the following categories of writing:
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Write Website Copy That Sells - Try a Little Flesh with Your Flash - Paul Matthews  Your website looks great:  solid words, easy navigation, graphics just so, and maybe even a bit of flash with some multimedia.  But customers are not buying.  You wonder if itís the writing.
Writing a Child Story: 8 Elements to Consider - Paul Arinaga  While writing an entertaining child story is obviously more art than science, most successful child stories pay attention to the following 8 elements.  #1:  ThemeA good child story has an underlying theme.
Writing A Book - Tips From An Author #6 - www.GetPlotted.com  The Basics of Plot.  Although you will obviously be familiar with the concept of 'plot', most people don't actually think in a plot-like fashion.  As you write a book, the logical, compelling step-by-step sequence that makes up a good plot almost always starts life as a single good idea plus a jumble of images and thoughts without any coherent structure.
Finish Your Book Already! - Tom Antion  I owe the completion and success of my book to a big cardboard box that saw me through the entire process.  I found this box and filled it with any and all information I could find on my topic Ďadvanced presentation skills for speakers and business presenters.
Writing From The Edge: Trembling Your Way to Publication - Jill Nagle  A few nights ago in the final class of the third incarnation of the Book Proposal Boot Camp, we reviewed parts of one authorís proposal and all concurred:  Though her author bio and marketing analysis sections sparkled, her overview rambled and failed to clearly convey the power of her bookís message.
Make Big Money On Your Book - 10 H*O*T Tips - Susan Harrow  Wouldn't it be nice to write a book, get paid handsomely for it and be considered a top expert all at once?  It's possible--if you know the rules.  1.  Study the publishing industry.
My Favorite Errors to Correct (Donít make these mistakes, and your writing will rise above most other writing.) Part 2 - Lisa J. Lehr  Negotiables:  These are rules that the experts largely agree can be broken to good effect.  In formal writing (such as a doctoral dissertation), the strict rules would still apply.  But in informal writing, such as writing an autobiography, looser rules are acceptable.
A "Plan 9" Book? - Ed Williams  Sometimes, when you do a little writing like I do, you get tipped off as to what upcoming books and authors are really gonna be hot.  And folks, Iíve got a book title and an authorís name for yíall that I think may be the hottest of this entire year.
The Importance of A Website Copywriter - Niall Cinneide  A website copywriter has several jobs.  They will need to provide the information, the words, and the persuasive text that is used within any site that is visited.  For many individuals, this means that they will need to know the products, understand the site ownerís needs, and to be able to draw customers into the site by providing interesting and informative information.
12 Ways to Research a Historical Novel - Ann Roscopf Allen  Whether you are fictionalizing historical events or making up your own story, attention to detail can determine whether your novel is credible to history buffs or if theyíll give it a pass.  Read about the general history of the locale where your story is set, so you have some context for your story.
How the Writer Survives - Seth T Mullins  So itís your dream to write novels?  Be a freelance writer and make a living off of your articles?  Or maybe you nurture an ambition to write and sell enough short fiction to put bread on the table, like those writers of the golden age of the pulps?
What Employers Look For In A Freelance Writer - Amber McNaught  Freelance writing is as much about selling yourself as it is about writing.  With this in mind, we asked some of the employers who use our site, and others like it, just what it is that they look for in a freelance writer.
Reflections On Writng My Book - James P. Krehbiel  Several years ago I had some time on my hands.  I was trapped in working in a mental health agency that was dysfunctional.  I was merely one of many therapistís trying to make a living Ė but I was unhappy.
Rewriting your Screenplay: The Road to your Audience - Gordy Hoffman  The promise of the rewrite is very sweet.  I have collected evidence that the more authentic the labor put into rewriting your screenplay, the greater the reward, and the reward is high, for whatever lovely, wonderful moments you might have discovered in the frightening process of plowing through the first draft, those moments, those seeds, are only seeds, and they only fulfill their destiny as giant, involving scenes in the movie that screens before people.
Copywriting Tone: 5 Reasons Honesty Beats Puffery Any Day - Adam Barone  It never fails.  Every conversation I have with a potential or ongoing copywriting client at some point turns to the topic of tone.  "We want our copy to be edgy.  " "I think a light-hearted copy tone would work best.

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