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We have collected writing resources such as articles and information products from the Internet and members' contributions.  The resources are arranged in the following categories of writing:
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Top 3 Rules for Writing Effective Copy - Ladan Lashkari  One thing all successful Internet marketers have in common is that they're good copywriters.  If you want to have a profitable online business, you need to know how to write a copy that motivates people to buy your product.
How To Get A Reporter's Attention For Your Book - Sophfronia Scott  Reporters are busy people.  On any given day they are fielding dozens of phone calls, making calls of their own, reading stacks of newspapers and magazines and rushing to meet deadlines.  So how do you break through all the noise to get a reporter or an editor on the phone to listen to your pitch?
Write For Yourself First - Roy E. Klienwachter  It would be very selfless or noble of me to tell you that I have created my web site only to help you and the rest of humanity.  The reason for me spending so much time and energy into my writing and this site is selfish.
Your First Steps To Becoming A Writer - Sophfronia Scott  What's the first step to becoming a writer?  You'd think it would be "write", but it's not.  In speaking to other writers and from what I know of my own journey to becoming a writer, I've come to realize that the biggest obstacle for new writers is that they don't think of themselves as writers.
How To Write LOADS Of Killer Bullets In Your Sales Copy! - Craig Garber  Today I want to plow through some more of the "5 Ways ToGive Your Prospects A Much-Needed Break!  "Yesterday, we talked about using sub-headlines throughoutyour sales copy, and how to leverage them to boost yoursales -- taking advantage of both the "aesthetic" componentof them -- and the "psychological" component ofsub-headlines as well.
Using Research to find Writing Topics - Maxine Thompson  Through research you can find topics, subjects and ‘seeds’ for stories.  Pick five different topics that interest you, and research them on the Internet, or through your local library.  These topics can be virtually anything, as long as they interest you, and information is available.
Book Proposals 101.: What Publishers Want - Sophfronia Scott  Lots of writers like to talk about writing books.  You hear very few talking about writing book proposals.  Maybe that's why it's easy to forget that a strong book proposal is the first step to getting a great deal for your non-fiction book.
Why Book Writers Need A Running Mate - Marvin D. Cloud  By far, I have found that the lack of discipline is the biggest hindrance for most people, when it comes to writing a book of any kind.  Although I urge you as a would-be writer to develop a theme because once you are clear on "why" you want to write a book, your motivational level will shift into a higher gear, I also urge you to get an accountability partner.
Writing Copy for Online Auctions - Patricia Michaels  The phrase writing copy comes from the advertising world, and it means a type of writing used to sell anything, from ideas to goods or services.  Copy writing is both an art and a science.  You are trying to persuade as many people as possible to bid on your items by using words and phrases.
The Benefits of Writing Ariticles - Maria Boomhower  You have a business; you are new and want to build a client list.  However, the public doesn't know much about you.  One of the best ways to build the relations, credibility and to help get people to know more about you and your area of expertise is to write articles.
Some FAQs for Aspiring Copywriters - Glenn Murray  I get an email at least once a week from aspiring copywriters seeking advice on how to get a foothold in the industry.  It's obviously a popular topic, so I thought I'd put some of the more common questions and answers on paper in the hopes that it might provide a bit of an insight.
Professional Writers Dance Between Passionate and Impersonal - Bonnie Boots  People that love to write often feel being paid for publication is the benchmark of a “real” writer.  So they read all the books on writing and dutifully send off queries, filled with hope and fear that one will be accepted:
New Year's Resolutions for Writers - Amber McNaught  Whether you're an experienced writer looking to boost your career or a complete novice desperate to break into the world of freelance writing, there's a good chance that you'll be using the New Year as the excuse you need to start a whole new writing regime.
Writing in the Shower (or Wherever You May Be) - Mary Anne Hahn  I just glanced at the clock.  7:  35 am.  That leaves me ten, maybe fifteen minutes to write before it's time for me to head for my day job.  What can I possibly accomplish in so little time?
Writing Effectively: A Two-Part Guide, Part 1 - Jan Kovarik  Everything we do involves communication—written, verbal, and nonverbal.  Today, due to the Internet and the World Wide Web, written communication is emerging as the primary format.  Writing effectively is now an essential skill.

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