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We have collected writing resources such as articles and information products from the Internet and members' contributions.  The resources are arranged in the following categories of writing:
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Why Do I Write – A Masochists Dream - Marie Pacha  My website administrator has given me an assignment.  I am to write an article and explain why it is that I write.  That sounded so simple until I sat staring at this blank expanse of white.
Why You Should Write To Inform And Not To Sell - Joyce A Corrales  Advertising is key!  Unfortunately most people waste their money on advertising unless they can play by the numbers.  Playing by the numbers is simply spending enough money on advertising and saturating the market so much, that percentage wise, enough people will want to see what you have to offer.
Write For Yourself First - Roy E. Klienwachter  It would be very selfless or noble of me to tell you that I have created my web site only to help you and the rest of humanity.  The reason for me spending so much time and energy into my writing and this site is selfish.
Writer's Voice: Five Places to Find Meaning - Melissa A Rosati  Have you seen my voice?  Odd question, I know.  Voice is associated with sound not sight.  Still, I’ve been looking for it everywhere:  writer’s retreats, a bedroom converted into a chic writing studio, the refrigerator, which is filled with brainpower snacks, specifically chocolate-mocha Haagen-Dazs (They say it cures writer’s block.
Effective Resume Writing - Dave Lympany  A lot of places around the world call it A Curriculum Vitae, in North America, it's a Résumé.  This is definitely one of the most important tools that any jobseeker has at their disposal.  You may be THE best candidate for a particular job by a long way, however, if you don't make it to the interview stages the company will never know.
Copywriting and Your Five Senses - Karon Thackston  In its most basic form, copywriting is, among other things, the art of conveying a message in writing for the purpose of persuading someone to do something.  This is especially true when writing descriptive copy.
Free eBook Publishing Guide – Part 1 – Why publish an eBook? - David Viney  eBook definedDespite being around now for over twenty years, no-one has yet come up with a stable definition for the word ‘eBook’.  However, one can discern some typical features:  • The item is distributed as a single file (so CD encyclopaedias are not considered to be eBooks) and can be opened as a data file in an application, rather than being launched as an executable (.
Professional Writers Dance Between Passionate and Impersonal - Bonnie Boots  People that love to write often feel being paid for publication is the benchmark of a “real” writer.  So they read all the books on writing and dutifully send off queries, filled with hope and fear that one will be accepted:
Setting Your Fees as a Freelance Writer or Copywriter. - Susanna K. Hutcheson  Probably the most common and frustrating problem any freelance writer has is setting his or her fees.  If you're too high, you cut yourself out of a lot of good business.  If you're too low, you get far too much work and you can't do the client a really good job because he hasn't paid you enough for your time.
How To Write A Compelling Display Ad To Sell Whatever You Want - Craig Garber  How come you're seeing certain ads over-and-over again?  Why are they working.  and why do some display ads deserve tobe nothing more than bird cage lining.  Since we've been discussing sales copy "voices" lately, I'lllet you in on a little secret about display advoices.
Free eBook Publishing Guide – Part 5 – Sell your eBook - David Viney  Editing your Amazon record2-3 weeks after approving your proof, you will see your title appear as a record on Amazon.  com in the US (inheriting the basic details that you entered when uploading to Lightning Source).
The Facts of a Writer's Life - Mridu Khullar  So, you dream of becoming a famous writer?  You want to get that article on paper as soon as possible and see it published.  You've got great ideas for a book that you'll be starting any day now.
7 Ways In Which You Can Overcome Excuses for Not Marketing Your Website by Writing Articles - Laurie Meade  Wannabe writers, are full of excuses as to why they aren’t writing yet.  Many of these excuses can be changed to proactive statements with a mere switch in attitude and perspective.  How many times have you read an article, and said to yourself, “I could have written this.
3 Copywriting Tips - How To Edit For Mass Appeal! - Daniel Levis  Web copy that's intended to sell or generate leads needs to quickly reach out and grab attention and build rapport with a target audience.  You can connect with your audience more effectively if you understand something about how people process information, and how they think.
How To Select a Great Topic For Your Book or Ebook Part 3 of 5 - Aaron Morganstern  There is almost no limit whatsoever on the marketability of how-to books.  Everyone wants an instruction manual, advice, and encouragement that they can do anything they read a how-to book for.

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