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We have collected writing resources such as articles and information products from the Internet and members' contributions.  The resources are arranged in the following categories of writing:
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Selected Articles & Stories....

Writing For The Web - Jeff Hendrickson  Writing is a specialized skill.  Although almost anyone can string together sentences, it takes a certain level of training and experience to be able to make those strung--together sentences readable and interesting.
Creating A Search Engine Copywriting Plan - Karon Thackston  Search engine copywriting has become an extremely important part of the overall search engine optimization process.  However, in addition, search engine copywriting has developed into a misunderstood craft.
How To Write A Mini-Course - F. Terrence Markle  Do you use mini-courses in your online marketing?  If not then maybe you should!  Mini-courses are an important part of Internet marketing.  A mini-course is a tool that enables you to provide valuable content to your subscribers and promote your own or affiliate products at the same time.
Writing Sites: Why You Might Like to Give Them a Try - Joy Cagil  Journalists are familiar with the panic of deadlines and novelists can identify with the horror of blank pages.  Then, what about the desperation of those who feel the urge to write and do not dare or do not know where to go?
Organizing Your Data to Write Better Copy - Neroli Lacey  Last quarter I talked about interviewing / gathering data.  So now you’ve got several thousand words of notes, hopefully digitally recorded.  What comes next?  GETTING ORGANIZEDI suggested organizing your interview questions into 4 groups.
12 Ways to Research a Historical Novel - Ann Roscopf Allen  Whether you are fictionalizing historical events or making up your own story, attention to detail can determine whether your novel is credible to history buffs or if they’ll give it a pass.  Read about the general history of the locale where your story is set, so you have some context for your story.
A Publisher Wants My Book! Now What? - Shalla de Guzman  SHALLA CHATS with author Michele Scott “A Publisher wants my Book!  Now what?  ” First off, who’s Michele?  Michele Scott writes two new mystery series coming soon to your local book stores, the Wine Lover’s and the Quarter Horse Mystery Series.
Marketing Your Web Writing Service - The Top Two Ways - Trish Andrews  Marketing your web writing service is a huge part of a successful freelance business.  Online marketing, networking, publicity, and advertising are such valuable tools, it's critical to know what works best.
How To Find Freelance Jobs - Writing About Food - Niall Cinneide  Did you know that jobs writing about food are available?  These opportunities are available in a variety of areas.  Employment in these fields is an exciting concept.  For many, getting their foot in the door is the most important and most challenging first step.
Reviewing New Writers - Harriet Silkwood  New writers are very vulnerable and need to be handled gently, but not with kid-gloves.  Keeping a friendly tone is very important for the reviewer.  Because we are working together online, we can’t see each others faces or body language.
How to Write Your Own Baby Shower Verses - Criss White  A poem or verse is a literary composition used to express emotions or ideas using literary techniques like rhyme and metaphor.  Although there are no set rules for creating poetry, these tips will help you create your own baby shower verses:
Tackling a Writing Assignment: How To Get Started - Jan Kovarik  Writing assignments are often considered the worst possible class or course assignment.  There's nothing worse than sitting down in front of a computer, with a blank screen in front of you.
The Wrong Time To Write A Press Release - Angie Dixon  Is there ever a wrong time to try to get free publicity for your company, product, or service?  Oh, yeah.  The "wrong" time isn't just about bad days of the week, like Monday morning, or bad times of the year, like Christmas Eve.
Are Writing Exercises Effective? - Lana Hampton  It was reported that the great American author Sinclair Lewis was once asked to give a lecture on writing to a group of college students:  "Looking out at this gathering," he said to the assembled students, "makes me want to know how many of you really and truly wish to become writers?
Could You Write Performance Reviews For Money? - Niall Cinneide  Writing performance reviews can be an excellent way to earn a living.  Who wouldn’t want to go from place to place watching actors, singers, and chefs perform at their best (and maybe their worst)?

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