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We have collected writing resources such as articles and information products from the Internet and members' contributions.  The resources are arranged in the following categories of writing:
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Selected Articles & Stories....

How To Put The Power Of YOU In Your Web Writing - Bruce Carlson  One of the most important words in the vocabularyof a Web writer is the simple little three-letter word"you".  Many Web writers fail to understand the importanceof this little word, and for that reason they don'tattract an audience of hungry readers.
How To Write A Mini-Course - F. Terrence Markle  Do you use mini-courses in your online marketing?  If not then maybe you should!  Mini-courses are an important part of Internet marketing.  A mini-course is a tool that enables you to provide valuable content to your subscribers and promote your own or affiliate products at the same time.
Turn Writer's Blocks Into Stepping Stones! - Steven Barnes  Years ago at a presentation at the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program, I promised an audience to teach them to conquer this beast once and for all.  Later, another instructor approached me and said “why did you say that to those people?
Writing Help for College Students - Tamara Owen  Your literature professor has asked you to write a 7-page essay comparing Medieval and Renaissance poetry; your economics professor wants 15 pages on how globalization is affecting the economy in three different countries; and your mathematics professor has forgotten this is a mathematics class, and wants 5 pages on the quadratic formula.
How the Writer Survives - Seth T Mullins  So it’s your dream to write novels?  Be a freelance writer and make a living off of your articles?  Or maybe you nurture an ambition to write and sell enough short fiction to put bread on the table, like those writers of the golden age of the pulps?
3 Copywriting Tips - How To Edit For Mass Appeal! - Daniel Levis  Web copy that's intended to sell or generate leads needs to quickly reach out and grab attention and build rapport with a target audience.  You can connect with your audience more effectively if you understand something about how people process information, and how they think.
Hooked On Books? Write A Book Review For Your Target Audience - Bonnie Jo Davis  If you are burned out with writing how-to articles to promote your business then consider writing a book review.  I recommend you write a review about a book you enjoyed that is related to your products or services.
Successful Audio Book Narration - Scott Perreault  It sounds easy, just open the book and read.  You ever listen to a book on tape?  Often a recognizable actor is the voice.  Sounds like a winner, lets have Dustin Hoffman read us a story.
How To Write LOADS Of Killer Bullets In Your Sales Copy! - Craig Garber  Today I want to plow through some more of the "5 Ways ToGive Your Prospects A Much-Needed Break!  "Yesterday, we talked about using sub-headlines throughoutyour sales copy, and how to leverage them to boost yoursales -- taking advantage of both the "aesthetic" componentof them -- and the "psychological" component ofsub-headlines as well.
How to Write an Ebook - Zaak OConan  The hardest part of writing is the first sentence.  When you look at the whole project, it seems like an impossible task.  That's why you have to break it down into manageable tasks.  Think of climbing a mountain.
How to Write Your News Release - George Torok  Follow this step-by-step process to write and expose your news.  FormatCall it a 'News Release', 'News Bulletin' or 'Announcement'.  'Press Release' sounds like propaganda.  Add, 'For immediate use'.
Art of Essay Writing - Susan Kassel  I love essays!  I enjoy reading them, checking them, teaching my students how to generate them, but most of all I enjoy writing them!  You want to ask why.  I hope after reading my article you will understand.
Don't Miss These 10 Must Know Facts About Promoting Your Website with Article Writing - Laurie Meade  Most all ezine publishers need fresh content.  Article writing is something that gets tedious to the publisher who sends out an ezine every week.  Fresh, unique ideas are always attractive, and ezine authors don't mind publishing others work, (along with a complete research box, (THIS IS YOUR AD) as well.
Scents Bring Inspiration For Writing - Thomson Chemmanoor  Inspirational writing is a part and parcel of the art of writing.  Inspiration is indeed needed for writing.  Without any inspiration, it is quite difficult to get ideas and thoughts to write.
Effective Networking For Writers - Sophfronia Scott  'Tis the season for conferences and seminars!  Many of my friends have all been conference-hopping in recent weeks and we've been discussing how fruitful these gatherings can be when you can make great and lasting contacts.

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