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We have collected writing resources such as articles and information products from the Internet and members' contributions.  The resources are arranged in the following categories of writing:
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Writing From The Edge: Trembling Your Way to Publication - Jill Nagle  A few nights ago in the final class of the third incarnation of the Book Proposal Boot Camp, we reviewed parts of one author’s proposal and all concurred:  Though her author bio and marketing analysis sections sparkled, her overview rambled and failed to clearly convey the power of her book’s message.
Public Service Announcement (PSA) Radio Copy Writing Success - Scott Perreault  What if the Super Bowl television commercials were all public service announcement (PSA) advertisements rather than beer, cars and soda commercials?  Imagine, The Red Cross followed by the Make A Wish Foundation and the Shriners Hospital.
The Bible - The Source Of All Copywriting Secrets - Ray L. Edwards  I've been a student of the Bible for practically all my life.  There is a lot of reason why this book remains the number one best-seller year after year.  I think that it is the source of ALL wisdom, yes, including successful copywriting!
Book Review: The Sound of Paper - Catherine Franz  She splits her year between New York City and Arizona.  Ihave been a fan since her first book and especially enjoyed"The Artist Way.  " I like to believe that I was one of thefirst to devour it page by page, exercise by exercise.
The Facts of a Writer's Life - Mridu Khullar  So, you dream of becoming a famous writer?  You want to get that article on paper as soon as possible and see it published.  You've got great ideas for a book that you'll be starting any day now.
Turn Writer's Blocks Into Stepping Stones! - Steven Barnes  Years ago at a presentation at the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program, I promised an audience to teach them to conquer this beast once and for all.  Later, another instructor approached me and said “why did you say that to those people?
The Mind's Fancy Dress Party - Or: Brainstorming With Contentclix Copywriters - Angelique Van Engelen  In Berlin a restaurant opens for anorexics and in Buffalo a lawyer with a stutter wins a court case.  When everything you're working on has gone STALE and your own initially promising concepts are starting to annoy you, you need a brainstorming session to get to the missing bits or generate some new ideas.
Using "Tipping Point" Concepts To Market Your Book - Sophfronia Scott  Ever wonder how trends get started?  As much as we'd like to think that all trends are Madison Avenue creations propagated by the media, many times a movement is sparked by the action of a few.
Christian comic books or just another Niche - Gideon Olade  Christian comic book, auto racing, skateboarding, soccer, math or “clothed female superheroes” can all be considered a comic book niche.  I call them a comic book niche because these comic books would be made to appeal to or meet the needs to a certain group of people.
7 Surefire-Tips For Writing “Make-People-Read” Article - Andrew Heuw  It’s not something new that writing article can bring considerable amounts of traffic to your web site thus give you more profits.  Today all net has been flooded with articles, which purpose to capture instant traffic for their owners.
Proposal Writing Strategies - DJ Nelson  There are two main reasons to write a business proposal.  Either someone has invited you to submit a RFP (Request for Proposal); or you are trying to gain support or funding from your employer or another organization.
Publishing Your Book - Matt Crazoner  Format Your Manuscript for the Publishing FirmIf you want to publish your novel, you must present yourmanuscript in the accepted format or else it may never seethe light of the day.  You have to make sure that you fulfillall the requirements and expectations of the publishingagent.
Books Can Fill the Spiritual Well - Chris Robertson  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to speak to clergy from a variety of Christian denominations.  Early on, it came as a surprise to me that members of the clergy sometimes find themselves at a loss about how to add inspiration to their sermons, how to best counsel their lay leaders, and how to best utilize the seniors in their congregations.
12 Ways to Research a Historical Novel - Ann Roscopf Allen  Whether you are fictionalizing historical events or making up your own story, attention to detail can determine whether your novel is credible to history buffs or if they’ll give it a pass.  Read about the general history of the locale where your story is set, so you have some context for your story.
Steps to a Writing an Effective Press Releases - Diana Ennen  Want to get the most media attention and spotlight for your business?  Then the first place to start is with a GREAT press release.  Now I can almost see half of you leaving now, dreading the thought of having to write one of these.

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