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We have collected writing resources such as articles and information products from the Internet and members' contributions.  The resources are arranged in the following categories of writing:
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How Do You Write Poetry? - Anthony Keith Whitehead  The very short answer is:  don't write at all unless you have to.  The short answer is:  in numerous different ways.  A somewhat longer answer is:  find the way that best suits you - that comes only from experience.
Make Money as a Ghost Food Writer - Pamela White  Like high pay?  Have self-confidence?  Know food; write well?  Ghostwriting may be a career move for motivated writers who are willing to write for high pay but no credit or byline.
The Naked Truth About Writing - Ed Williams  I know ya’ll are gonna think I’m pulling your legs, but I swear on a stack of BTO CDs that I received the following email just a couple of days ago.  ..  .Ed,I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how much I enjoy reading your various writings.
Two Styles of Mystery Writing: Cozy and Hard-boiled - Mary Arnold  Cozy novels do not have graphic violence, and little or no sexual content and abusive language.  Society is "viewed as orderly and controlled, and the crime is a failure of the society to function correctly" (Niebuhr 7).
Writing Effectively: A Two-Part Guide, Part 1 - Jan Kovarik  Everything we do involves communication—written, verbal, and nonverbal.  Today, due to the Internet and the World Wide Web, written communication is emerging as the primary format.  Writing effectively is now an essential skill.
Public Service Announcement (PSA) Radio Copy Writing Success - Scott Perreault  What if the Super Bowl television commercials were all public service announcement (PSA) advertisements rather than beer, cars and soda commercials?  Imagine, The Red Cross followed by the Make A Wish Foundation and the Shriners Hospital.
Writing Help - Jack Thompson  Whether you are working for a small business, large corporation, or are a student, there are numerous sources that you can turn to for help with writing.  Businesses need to be able to effectively communicate with their customers, their employees and their potential customers.
Your Book Marketing Plan - Winning Strategies and Tips - Ink Tree Ltd.  Many authors hit a roadblock when it comes to putting together and implementing a book marketing plan.  You know you need to have one, you have a vague idea of what it needs to include, but pulling it all together into a step-by-step plan of attack is not nearly as easy as it sounds.
From Book Notes to Book Reports - Nick Smith  Writing papers and book reports has long been the bane of high school and college students’ existence.  It seems that no matter how hard you work to stay caught up, there is always a paper due tomorrow.
Comparing Publicity Submitting Articles Online, PressReleases, Book Signings, and Blogs - Judy Cullins  Comparing Publicity:  Submitting Articles Online, PressReleases, Book Signings, and BlogsYour audience online awaits information from you.  That's why they visit Web sites related to their interest area.
Ebook Power - Duncan Judson  An ebook is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business, while educating people with the knowledge you already posses as a business owner of a specific product or service.  An ebook is the easiest way to reach any large niche audience of any type.
Article Writing: 10 Reasons Why The Discipline Is Necessary For Any Internet Marketer - Mary Murtha  The hardest part about writing, is getting one’s self to actually start writing.  Most writers usually hate to write but love it when they have finished writing.  To be able to escape this process, what some writers do is procrastinate.
The Subjective World of Book Sales Numbers - Rebecca Guevara  Nielsen BookScan reports 4.  1 million copies of J.  K.  Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince sold in the U.  S.  in its first 24 hours of release.  Industry tracker, Scholastic, reports when sales at Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and airports are added, the figure jumps to 6.
Writing Successful Articles - Dave Odell  Writing ArticlesThe market for articles is greater than for any of the other traditional writing forms, and therefore really is one writers of all levels should investigate.  There are very many excellent books on the subject of article writing, and I suggest your read as many as time and opportunity allow.
You Don't Have To Be A Genius To Write A Love Poem - Marguerite Bonneville  Love poems are a wonderfully romantic gesture and can often express your thoughts far more eloquently than verbal communication.  If you have some talent with words, why not take a few moments and try your hand at writing a poem for your lover?

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