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We have collected writing resources such as articles and information products from the Internet and members' contributions.  The resources are arranged in the following categories of writing:
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Book Review: The Sound of Paper - Catherine Franz  She splits her year between New York City and Arizona.  Ihave been a fan since her first book and especially enjoyed"The Artist Way.  " I like to believe that I was one of thefirst to devour it page by page, exercise by exercise.
A Quick And Easy Way Of Getting More Customers From Every Single Ad You Write... Guaranteed! - Scott Bywater  John Caples, one of the greatest ad men ever written writes "I have seen one advertisement sell 19 1/2 times as much goods as another.  " He also states "the headline is the most important element of most advertisements.
Screenwriting Tips from a Screenplay Contest Judge - Gordy Hoffman  After cracking hundreds of screenplays sent into the BlueCat Screenplay Competition, the same problems in the execution of the story and script continue to emerge.  Here is a general overview of these persistent issues.
Writing for the Web--Steps to Getting a Job Writing Content - Kathy L. Will  Web writing is a good gig.  I make $30 an hour writing at home.  And although I sometimes wish my only companion during the workday were not run on electricity, I like my job.  I wake up most mornings excited about what I am doing.
The Three "Questions" Of Science Fiction - Steven Barnes  There is a great deal of misunderstanding about what that particular branch of literature called “Science Fiction” actually consists of.  Is it space-ships and monsters?  Time machines?
Are Writing Exercises Effective? - Lana Hampton  It was reported that the great American author Sinclair Lewis was once asked to give a lecture on writing to a group of college students:  "Looking out at this gathering," he said to the assembled students, "makes me want to know how many of you really and truly wish to become writers?
Many Writers, One Clear Voice - Susan Raab  Imagine creating your first book, one on which hangs the future of your company-and maybe even the industry you love.  Imagine you have a publishing contract, five editors, a eighty contributing authors, hundreds of draft pages, a deadline in five weeks and a growing fear that the book you intended to create is nowhere in sight!
Word Frequency Analysis as a means to improve writing quality - John Tello  In the old times of Windows 1.  0 back in the 1980’s there was a tool called Word Frequency that came with the MS Word distribution package.  As someone who uses English as a second language I used it heavily, because it helped me to improve my vocabulary and to correct misspellings beyond the capacity of the available spelling checkers.
A Guide to Creative Writing That Sells - Caterina Christakos  It's unbelievable that with all the creative writing courses out there, that no one teaches the necessity of researching your market before you set pen to paper.  Yes, we all want to be creative and let our imagination go.
Freelance Writing for Newspapers - Amber McNaught  No matter how many times I see my writing published, it never stops being the best adrenaline rush ever.  Yesterday one of my articles appeared in a national newspaper.  No big deal, really:
How You Can Find Freelance Writing Employment - Niall Cinneide  How can you find writing jobs?  Do you have proven skills that can propel you in the right direction?  If so, then why are you looking for fresh vacancies?  The best tool to those who have employment histories is to look to the companies that you have already worked for.
Article Writing: How To Use Your Chakra Energy To Write - Ron Passfield  The seven Chakras are the hidden energy centres in your body through which you receive, process and transmit life energies.  They act as "energy transformers" and influencers of change.  Your thoughts, emotions or actions can either block or activate these hidden energy centres.
How To Select a Great Topic For Your Book or Ebook Part 5 of 5 - Aaron Morganstern  These are fiery hot topics that are sure to be on the rise.  You can pull any one of these to use for your first ebook.  Then come back and pull another topic for your next ebook.  Using the latest electronics.
The Crusades Of Writing - Tushar Jain  This article does not discuss what to write or how to write, but merely a favorite – why to write.  The world appears in its dissatisfactions.  Potential lies in the prospect that desires to change it, and prosperity lies in the chaotic chase that has already begun.
Four Useful Lies About Writing - Steven Barnes  Most writing “experts” favor a particular way of looking at plot, and will adhere to it for years or an entire career.  That’s all well and good, but its important to realize that any way of modeling story is just that—a model, not the depths and living essence of story itself.

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