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Writing From The Edge: Trembling Your Way to Publication - Jill Nagle  A few nights ago in the final class of the third incarnation of the Book Proposal Boot Camp, we reviewed parts of one author’s proposal and all concurred:  Though her author bio and marketing analysis sections sparkled, her overview rambled and failed to clearly convey the power of her book’s message.
The High Cost of a Six-Figure Book Advance - Sallie Goetsch  The six-figure book advance, like the New York Times bestseller, is the object of many a writer’s fantasy.  Whether it’s also a realistic goal is something else again.  *Can you really get a six-figure book advance?
The Cause for Clear - Susan Raab  Have you ever been in a situation where you needed an urgent technical explanation?  It happened to three blondes.  They were taking a walk in the country when they came upon a line of tracks.
The Largest Production in Audio-Book History - Paul Kyriazi  With Rod Taylor narrating and being performed by Russ Tamblyn, Robert Culp, James Darren, Kevin McCarthy, and Academy Award winner George Chakiris, the Audio-Book "Hard Rock Lovers" sets claim to the the title, "The largest production in Audio-Book History".
Books Can Fill the Spiritual Well - Chris Robertson  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to speak to clergy from a variety of Christian denominations.  Early on, it came as a surprise to me that members of the clergy sometimes find themselves at a loss about how to add inspiration to their sermons, how to best counsel their lay leaders, and how to best utilize the seniors in their congregations.
Taming The Book Proposal - Jill Nagle  Oh, that most maddening of documents!  For so many of us eager to move forward with our nonfiction projects, it looms large like a guard at the queen’s castle, blocking the path to publication.
7 Keys to Writing a Children’s Book that Sells Like Hotcakes - Caterina Christakos  There are seven fundamental reasons that some books succeed and others collect dust on the author’s bookshelf.  These seven keys to success as an author are simple, obvious even, and yet in the midst of our writing many of us forget them.
Make Big Money On Your Book - 10 H*O*T Tips - Susan Harrow  Wouldn't it be nice to write a book, get paid handsomely for it and be considered a top expert all at once?  It's possible--if you know the rules.  1.  Study the publishing industry.
Dipping Into the Character Well - Seth T Mullins  I believe that the best fiction is character-driven.  Plotlines are of secondary importance, because if we don't care about the characters then the drama that unfolds around them fails to stir our interest.
The Subjective World of Book Sales Numbers - Rebecca Guevara  Nielsen BookScan reports 4.  1 million copies of J.  K.  Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince sold in the U.  S.  in its first 24 hours of release.  Industry tracker, Scholastic, reports when sales at Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and airports are added, the figure jumps to 6.
How To Cultivate Greatness In Your Writing - Sophfronia Scott  There's a television commercial, I believe it's for E-trade, that talks about how nobody wants to be an ordinary.  ..  fill in the blank.  Supposedly we aspire to be better.  Nobody wants to be an ordinary athlete, nobody wants to be an ordinary investor.
Why You Don't Write Your Book - Suzanne Falter-Barns  In the ten years that I've taught people how to get on with their books and creative projects, I've noticed a phenomenon that I'll call "Author's Block.  " Would-be writers can, indeed, sit down and work when pressed to it.
What’s Wrong With The Internet? It Must Be Broken! - Caren A Adams  After months of scouring the internet, I could not put my hands on the 2 million links various search engines said were available to do my book promotions.  First, let me say I perceive myself as an intermediate user of the internet, but maybe my perception was misguided as I searched and realized I couldn’t put my pointer on the links I wanted.
Preserve Your Artistic Vision - Seth T Mullins  Our culture has always had a curiously ambiguous attitude towards its artists, who are alternately reviled or else elevated to nearly god-like status.  They seem to be perceived as other-than-human, able to dispense with leisure, comfort and normal security and happiness in order to function within society AND bestow the gift of their insights upon everyday folks.
A Publisher Wants My Book! Now What? - Shalla de Guzman  SHALLA CHATS with author Michele Scott “A Publisher wants my Book!  Now what?  ” First off, who’s Michele?  Michele Scott writes two new mystery series coming soon to your local book stores, the Wine Lover’s and the Quarter Horse Mystery Series.

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