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Horror Movie Scripts - 10 Steps To Writing A Horror Screenplay - Henrik Holmberg  A horror movie has certain rules.  If you break too many the audience will be disappointed.  This is a very short, no fluff, blueprint of how to write a horror script.  1.  The Hook.
Discovering the Great Movie Idea for Your Next Screenplay - Gordy Hoffman  I am lucky.  I have no problems coming up with very good ideas for movies.  If I never had another idea for the rest of my life, I would not make a sizable dent in the ones I already have.
Screenwriting With Impact - Don Bledsoe  The screenplay you've pounded out on your trusty word processor is finished at last!  Before the reader even looks at the title of your script, it must pass the "rifle test.  " The rifle test tells a professional in seconds whether the script is professionally written or not.
Screenwriting Tips from a Screenplay Contest Judge - Gordy Hoffman  After cracking hundreds of screenplays sent into the BlueCat Screenplay Competition, the same problems in the execution of the story and script continue to emerge.  Here is a general overview of these persistent issues.
Screenplay Slug Lines - An Important Element Of Screenwriting - Lynne Pembroke  Over the years, Iíve found that new screenwriters frequently have confusions and misunderstandings on the proper way to write slug lines, also known as master scene headings.  This article covers the basics of writing industry accepted screenplay slug lines.
Rewriting your Screenplay: The Road to your Audience - Gordy Hoffman  The promise of the rewrite is very sweet.  I have collected evidence that the more authentic the labor put into rewriting your screenplay, the greater the reward, and the reward is high, for whatever lovely, wonderful moments you might have discovered in the frightening process of plowing through the first draft, those moments, those seeds, are only seeds, and they only fulfill their destiny as giant, involving scenes in the movie that screens before people.
What Do Directors Look For In A Script? - Nick Smith  Iím currently directing an independent feature called Captain Felderís Cannon.  During preproduction, one of the writers asked me whether I wanted all the setups numbered.  She wanted to break each scene down into shots, camera angles, to take the movie that she imagined and convey it on the page.
How to Start a Screenplay: Treatment or Free Fall? - Gordy Hoffman  Starting a screenplay can sometimes be as hard as finishing one.  Impatient to pull up to the front door of a classic motion picture, Iwant to get everything right so quickly.  This impatience challenges my trust in the work, the creative process of screenwriting.

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