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7 Deadly Mistakes that Cost You Money and Assignments - Mridu Khullar  Sometimes, you just don’t get second chances.  Freelance writing works a little that way.  If you’ve offended an editor, it’s quite unlikely that she’s going to work with you again.  If you don’t muster up the courage and ask for a higher payment rate, you won’t get that chance till the next acceptance.
The Recipe for Getting Published - Mridu Khullar  Got talent but no clips?  Here's the recipe for getting published.  ..  * ProcrastinatingWhen you've finally decided you have to put into writing the fabulous idea that just struck, you enter the first phase of the writing process.
Your Book Marketing Plan - Winning Strategies and Tips - Ink Tree Ltd.  Many authors hit a roadblock when it comes to putting together and implementing a book marketing plan.  You know you need to have one, you have a vague idea of what it needs to include, but pulling it all together into a step-by-step plan of attack is not nearly as easy as it sounds.
How To Improve Your Freelance Proofreading Career - Niall Cinneide  Did you know that one of the best ways to get the knowledge you need to be an effective proof reader is to take a training course?  It will be the best move you ever make.  Courses are not mandatory, but it can be very challenging to find work that is available to those who do not have a proofreading training certification.
How Can You Find Freelance Work As A Writer? - Niall Cinneide  For those looking at the jobs listings for writers, they may find themselves feeling left out.  There are simply not enough employment options available.  When you are looking at the jobs listings, you may become frustrated and annoyed with the lack of the type of employment that you want.
It's A Dog-Eat-Dog World In The Freelance Work Marketplace - Lorraine Cote  The Trials and Tribulations of Finding Writing Work in the Freelance Work MarketplaceThere are many ways to find freelance writing work on the net.  The most popular method is by signing up to one or more of the many freelance work sites available.
Great Job Resumes: The First Step To Landing Great Jobs - Paolo Basauri  How Important are Job Resumes in Securing the Perfect Job?  The function of outstanding job resumes is to get the attention of your potential employer.  More than simply a listing of your accomplishments, education, skills and experience; a job resume is the first point of contact you have with the company with whom you are seeking employment.
Succeeding in the Business of Freelance Writing - Amber McNaught  Something that's always surprised me about the freelance writing business is just how many writers there are out there who don't seem to realize that they're running a business.  Succeeding in the Business of Freelance WritingOf the freelance writers who send quotes to prospective employers through my website, http:
Before You Begin, Know What To Expect... How You Can Make a Living, Proof Reading From Home - Niall Cinneide  Proof reading from home is an excellent way to make money, right?  How hard and challenging can it be to do some editing after all?  In fact it can be quite challenging to find a good quality proofreader that works from their house.
Marketing Your Web Writing Service - The Top Two Ways - Trish Andrews  Marketing your web writing service is a huge part of a successful freelance business.  Online marketing, networking, publicity, and advertising are such valuable tools, it's critical to know what works best.
So, You Think You Want to Be a Freelance Proofreader - Jan Kovarik  How many times have you thought to yourself that you would be a good proofreader?  You have a decent working vocabulary, you are able to construct a well-turned phrase, and you know when to hyphenate a compound noun (or maybe you don’t, but you could take a good guess!
The Opportunities As A Freelance Proofreader in the UK - Niall Cinneide  A UK based freelance proofreader should be able to provide quality products for the United Kingdom audience.  There are many differences in the type of work that is produced for the United States and that which is produced for the United Kingdom.
Custom Writing Services: Market Overview - Serge Chepurko  In this article the author is going to carry out custom writing services market overview providing comprehensive survey of the market divided into the following categories:  market identification, market size, market segmentation, market growth speed, market customers, principles of operation, financial characteristics, regulations, and other categories.
How Can You Find Freelance Writing Jobs? - Niall Cinneide  Do you think that there is a big sign that reads, “Freelance Writing Jobs, Apply Within”?  There just is not.  In fact, you may have a hard time finding writing jobs of any type advertised in any employment magazine or newspaper either.
Finding Freelance Writing Jobs - Join Us On The Job Search - Niall Cinneide  Finding freelance writing jobs require great skill, dedication and lots of patience.  There are many qualifications that businesses look for prior to hiring an individual to fill their job vacancies though.

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