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Inside Elance: Thirteen Writers Explain Why Elance Works for Them - Shelley Wake  Browsing through the writing projects at Elance, one thing stands out.  It’s the “Recent Earnings” figures listed with each bidder’s name.  These aren’t fake figures – these figures show what real writers have been able to earn and they range from $1000 to $60,000.
How To Write A Mini-Course - F. Terrence Markle  Do you use mini-courses in your online marketing?  If not then maybe you should!  Mini-courses are an important part of Internet marketing.  A mini-course is a tool that enables you to provide valuable content to your subscribers and promote your own or affiliate products at the same time.
Writing Marketing Copy That Sells - Charlie Cook  When your prospects see your marketing materials, your brochure, your web site or your ads you want them to read them.  You want prospects to read not just the first sentence but the majority of your copy.
What a C.I.A. Black Ops Officer Taught Me About Copywriting - Eric Graham  When I was in the Air Force, I had the opportunity to attend a very “special” training course taught by very “special” instructors.  One of my instructors was a former Navy S.  E.  A.
Which One Of These "Incidental" Yet Sales-Killing Mistakes Are You Making In Your Sales Copy? - Craig Garber  Today I want to talk about something that was in our original mock ad that may seem incidental, but the way it washandled, is GUARANTE-ED to lower your response.  You can check out that original ad, and even printout a copy of it, right here:
How To Write A Compelling Display Ad To Sell Whatever You Want - Craig Garber  How come you're seeing certain ads over-and-over again?  Why are they working.  and why do some display ads deserve tobe nothing more than bird cage lining.  Since we've been discussing sales copy "voices" lately, I'lllet you in on a little secret about display advoices.
Freelance Writing on the Internet - Mridu Khullar  So, you’ve decided to take up a career in freelance writing.  You’ve hooked up the computer, installed the printer, and learnt the nitty-gritty of your word processor.  You’ve maybe even been published a couple of times.
To Get Paid What You Are Worth, Don’t Say a Word - Kathleen Poole  If you’re like most freelance copywriters and other solo entrepreneurs, you get rattled when it’s time to talk about money with your clients.  You may feel like you are being greedy or sleazy, or you might worry that your fees are too high or too low.
Building Relationships Through Your Sales Copy - Cathy Qazalbash  Whenever you try to sell anything you need to build a relationship with your reader.  Few people will buy without this vital connection between you and those reading your sales copy.  It doesn't matter what sort of sales copy you are using.
Better Copy: The Interview is the Key - Neroli Lacey  Most of us spend our days persuading others to buy our service, product or idea.  Here is how to create powerful marketing copy to make your job easier:  INTERVIEW YOURSELF.  If you hired a writer to create the copy for you, he/she would likely start by interviewing you.
7 Must-Do Tips To Create A Powerful Ad Copy - Azwan Asmat  When creating an ad copy, you should make it believable and persuasive.  Some of us are missing some crucial things to include.  Here are 7 tips to help you create a powerful ad copy.
Copywriting for Sales - Understand Your Audience's Need - George Dodge  Regardless of what you're selling, marketing or promoting, you have to have a good understanding of your audience before you can create effective copywriting.  Without knowing who you're writing for and what they hope to get from the copy you create, your copy might not achieve the desired effect.
Write Website Copy That Sells - Try a Little Flesh with Your Flash - Paul Matthews  Your website looks great:  solid words, easy navigation, graphics just so, and maybe even a bit of flash with some multimedia.  But customers are not buying.  You wonder if it’s the writing.
How To Put The Power Of YOU In Your Web Writing - Bruce Carlson  One of the most important words in the vocabularyof a Web writer is the simple little three-letter word"you".  Many Web writers fail to understand the importanceof this little word, and for that reason they don'tattract an audience of hungry readers.
Write Right - Brian Grinonneau  The rich and colorful descriptors flowing from your deft digits on a seasoned keyboard will tantalize and transform your rapt audience.  What?  ! That line may be too flowery but does show how important it is to write advertising copy that demands to be noticed.

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