Book Writer Videos

Overview of Book Writer Features

View a short video of the main features in Book Writer that will organize your writing projects and enable you to finish your writing faster and easier.

Using the Project Wizard to create a project

You can easily manage writing projects consisting of one or many files.  There are various ways to create a project in Book Writer.  The Project Wizard is one way—it guides you through 5 easy steps.

How to import MS Word .DOC files

If you have MS Word .DOC files, you can import them as .RTF (Rich Text Format) files for use in Book Writer.  Most word processors—except, of course, Microsoft Word—can not read Word files.  Earlier versions of MS Word can not read Word 2007 files.  So, it is not a bad idea to use .RTF files always—if you want to be sure that others can read them.

Using the Project Commander

The Project Commander gives you an overview of the files in your writing project.  It also provides facilities for finding, replacing, outlining, and indexing.

Using the Database for People, Places, Events, and Notes

Keep your notes, research, ideas, etc., in Book Writer's integral, easy database.  Copy and paste to and from the editors.

Page Layout, Headers and Footers

Set page size, margins, and Book Writer's desktop view.  Create and edit headers and footers.

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