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Book Writer™ – Word Processing for Writers

Are you writing a book?   Are you a student?   Are you researching?
If you are writing a book, or you have chapters, notes, papers, or any writings spread across multiple files, you can use Book Writer™ to free your creative mind from your computer.

Version 5.50:  Now you can keep records on People, Places, Events, and Notes with your writings!

help for writers writing
  • Combine related files into a project for easy management.
  • Merge individual chapters into a single manuscript for submissions.
  • Open all files in a project with a single click.
  • Move from file to file by clicking notebook tabs.
  • Find any word or phrase in all project files, opened or not.
  • Copy or move all files at once.
  • Zip all files in a project for backup or emailing.
  • Think of the right word easily with Active Thesaurus™.
  • Eliminate needless business functions from your word editor.

If you are a writer—not a business person or secretary—try this word processor made for writers!

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Selected Articles and Stories

Writing Is Fun!
When I was establishing my consultants practice in 1990 I set about creating a book.  The book was aimed at helping people to progress in their careers and shows how to assess yourself, prepare an interview winning resume’, market yourself and win the job at interviews, plus other real life tips.
Top Ten Ways to Know your Book Concept will Sell--Before you Invest Time and Money
Make your book stand out from the crowd!  Test your book's significance, find your market before you write, and treat your book as part of your business.  1.  Test your book's significance.
Platform Development Tip #1: Switch Writing Hats!
Platform-Building Tip #1:  Switch Writing Hats!  Around eighty percent of nonfiction books today are written by “experts,” that is people who have a) earned credentials in the field they’re writing about, b) germinated information via articles, live presentations or other media, or c) had extraordinary, unique or memorably told life experiences relevant to their topic.
Becoming A Ghostwriter
Ghostwriting can be rewarding in two ways.  a) You get a chance to research and write about all types of topics that you wouldn't normally have a chance to learn about.  The old theory in writing "write what you know" doesn't apply to ghostwriting since your clients will dictate what topic you will write about.
Write What You Know
We've heard the words, Write What You Know, but do we understand what they mean?  The words can be misleading and may discourage new writers from branching out to try new genres.  Do they mean we should only write about our experiences?
Freelance Writing on the Internet
So, you’ve decided to take up a career in freelance writing.  You’ve hooked up the computer, installed the printer, and learnt the nitty-gritty of your word processor.  You’ve maybe even been published a couple of times.
How To Write Great Movie Reviews For Your Entertainment Website
If you have an entertainment website then you’re always looking for fresh, new, fun and interesting material to keep your readers coming back for more.  Movie reviews are a great way to do that.
How To Use Google's Formula For Success, To Write Your Most Powerful Sales Copy Ever!
Is it actually possible to use the same formula the mightyGoogle uses, to create your own compelling sales copy?  It is, and today I'm going to let you in on the verypowerful secret they use, so you can do exactly that.

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