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help for writers writing Software, articles, and other help for writers  If you are looking for software to help with your writing projects, look at our writing tools.  If you like to read about writing, see the articles and ebooks in Writing Books, Writing eBooks, Writing Articles, Marketing Your Writings, Copywriting, Writing Tips, Writing Screenplays, and Your Writings - Stories, Essays, Poetry.

Book Writer™ – Word Processing for Writers

Are you writing a book?   Are you a student?   Are you researching?
If you are writing a book, or you have chapters, notes, papers, or any writings spread across multiple files, you can use Book Writer™ to free your creative mind from your computer.

Version 5.50:  Now you can keep records on People, Places, Events, and Notes with your writings!

help for writers writing
  • Combine related files into a project for easy management.
  • Merge individual chapters into a single manuscript for submissions.
  • Open all files in a project with a single click.
  • Move from file to file by clicking notebook tabs.
  • Find any word or phrase in all project files, opened or not.
  • Copy or move all files at once.
  • Zip all files in a project for backup or emailing.
  • Think of the right word easily with Active Thesaurus™.
  • Eliminate needless business functions from your word editor.

If you are a writer—not a business person or secretary—try this word processor made for writers!

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Whitesmoke™ – Check and Perfect Your Writing

Need help with grammar?  Spelling?  Punctuation?
No matter what software you are using for word processing, Whitesmoke can help perfect what you write!  Grammar, spelling, and other language checking for fiction, non-fiction, business letters, legal medical documents, and email. grammar checker for writers writing
  • Works with any word processing software—Book Writer™, MS Word®, and others.
  • Perfect your English grammar with our English grammar check, grammar corrector, and grammar lessons.
  • Get just the right word with smart synonyms from our extensive synonyms dictionary.
  • Use the proofreader to check your English grammar and every other aspect of your writing.
  • Spell everything right with the spell checker's extensive dictionaries.
  • Power up your writing with relevant adjectives, adverbs, and phrases.
  • Get your punctuation right with the rules of the punctuation checker.
All these writing tools in one:  Grammar checker, Thesaurus, Spell checker, Punctuation checker, Idioms dictionary.

Whitesmoke works with most applications!  Use Whitesmoke with Book Writer™, Microsoft Word®, Outlook Express, Firefox, Internet Explorer—and many others.

See what it can do for your writing style.
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Selected Articles and Stories

How to Write a Holiday Tale That Isn't a Turkey
When we write stories, with the purpose of sharing them with others, we enter into an agreement where we allow our reader to see a glimpse of our heart, our souls and our memories.  If we truly want them to be immersed in the tale, we actively immerse ourselves in those memories so that a glimmer of what we saw, heard and felt comes through.
The High Cost of a Six-Figure Book Advance
The six-figure book advance, like the New York Times bestseller, is the object of many a writer’s fantasy.  Whether it’s also a realistic goal is something else again.  *Can you really get a six-figure book advance?
How To Write A Problem Solving Article
If you are like me then topics and ideas for writing articles about my product, service or niche can be tricky and getting started even worse.  You will probably know the problems people have in your industry.
Basic Writing Tips – Some Controversial, All Correct
As a previous article (“Making Better Word Choices – 4 Examples”) explained, writers can take steps to prevent simple, and common, errors from degrading their writing.  Five areas of writing that cause authors problems are discussed in this article.
Lost That Writing Contest? Take Advantage Of It.
I submitted the best story I’ve ever written to a contest, but it didn’t even win an honorable mention!  I guess I’m not as good a writer as I thought I was, I might as well quit right now.
Proven Secrets Of Writing And Publishing Your Own Ebook... In Less Than A Week!
In their ebook "How To Write And Publish Your Own Ebook.  ..  In As Little As 7 Days", Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale teachyou how to adapt a proven ebook writing formula to vastlyimprove the performance of your own ebook writingtechniques.
Don't Miss These 10 Must Know Facts About Promoting Your Website with Article Writing
Most all ezine publishers need fresh content.  Article writing is something that gets tedious to the publisher who sends out an ezine every week.  Fresh, unique ideas are always attractive, and ezine authors don't mind publishing others work, (along with a complete research box, (THIS IS YOUR AD) as well.
Using "Tipping Point" Concepts To Market Your Book
Ever wonder how trends get started?  As much as we'd like to think that all trends are Madison Avenue creations propagated by the media, many times a movement is sparked by the action of a few.

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